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About the Hosts


Moose hails from Macedonia, OH where he's enjoying his RC addiction. It all started with a Firebird XL followed by two years off. After picking up the sticks again, he found the All Things the Fly podcast and became a loyal listener. After winning an ATTF contest by remixing the intro/outro music, Moose met up with Jamie and Diggs at SEFF in 2010 and he joined the show soon after. Moose has gone from lovable fat kid, drummer, and tennis player...through his 10+ year rave DJ career, and finally ends up IT professional with a house, a parakeet, a TON of airplanes, and co-hosting an RC podcast. He flies almost anything, however his favorites are Warbirds, scale flying, and 3D flying.


Lucien lives back in his home town of Monroe, Michigan, about 20 miles north of Toledo, Ohio. He has been involved in the RC hobby since 1975, and is currently the owner of Innov8tive Designs, Inc. Lucien has been involved with electronics and computers for over 40 years, and holds 2 Electrical Engineering degrees, an ASEET degree from ITT Technical Institute, which he obtained in 1982, and a BSEE from the University of South Florida that was awarded in 1990. He is also very interested in full-scale aircraft and holds a Commercial Multi-Engine pilots license, as well as Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor certificates.

Lucien's first RC aircraft back in 1976 was a Carl Goldberg 1/2A Skylane kit that was modified from rudder only to rudder and elevator control. That plane was powered with a Cox .049 Baby Bee motor that was left over from a Cox Shrike tether car, and was guided with a used World Engines Digit Midget 3-channel radio system. He flew that plane until the motor wore out and replaced it with a Cox Black Widow .049. By the time he wore out that motor, the plane was pretty fuel soaked was getting rather heavy, so a Tee Dee .049 was installed to handle the extra weight. After that motor wore out, a .09 motor was installed to power the model. Shortly after that, with well over 1000 flights on the model, the tired old wing folded in half at the bottom of a loop and the plane made one final dive bombing run into the dirt and was destroyed beyond repair! Ahh, those were the days! Over the next 40+ years, Lucien flew a wide variety of model aircraft including Sport, Pattern, Military Scale, Pylon Racers, Fun Fly and even a few gliders.

After many years flying glow models, Lucien converted everything over to Electric powered models in 2005 and never looked back. He built several larger pusher prop jet models, and a bunch of sport models, and really enjoyed the freedom that electric power offered. In October of 2006, Lucien started Innov8tive Designs, and began importing and distributing Scorpion Motors and Speed Controllers. Since then, he has been very busy helping modelers around the world with electric power systems.

Lucien first appeared as a guest on Inside Heli in July of 2008, shortly after a visit to the Scorpion Factory in China, and then in November of 2008, Lucien became a regular host of the ATTF show. Lucien also sponsors the Power System Corner each week during the show, and answers power system related questions that our listeners send in.


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